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Prepare for Your Portrait

Celebrate you for this special moment in time

Personal and family portraits should be works of art. Whether a close-up family portrait or an image in an environment you love, your portrait captures a single moment in time that will tell your story for now and the future.


What’s Remembered?


How do you want your family or friends to see you or remember you? Happy, friendly, capable, professional? Who are the people most important to you? What are you known for among family and friends? Put your pets in the story, too. Capture it all in a timeless moment that will always be unique.


Legacy Moments?

Special occasions are perfect opportunities for portraits. Your parents’ 50th anniversary, a first wedding anniversary, a child’s first communion – all moments that can keep a memory and emotion alive.


Portrait Personality


Portraits don’t have to be serious and formal. Capture you and your family at play doing the things you love most to do – on the water, on the playing field, in the hobby room. Make it you and make it fun.


If you are an artist or actor, a businessperson, or medical professional, your portrait can say things beyond the photo and help you communicate who you are.


Plan for Presentation


How should you present your portrait? A single piece of wall art or a collection of photos?  Eight-by-tens to distribute to agencies? Holiday or invitation cards, albums, scrap books, or photo books? Thinking through how you want to enjoy the images will help plan the photo session and production process so you get the most out of your sessions – whether it’s large-sized framed prints or digital images.

Get ideas

TimeCogs is always happy to brainstorm ideas for your portraits, but also ask those who might receive an image what they would like to see. What do they think of when they think of you? What would be a perfect setting to capture your joy or happiness and make it a keepsake or legacy image for family and friends? Images capture the moment, but you can influence and color the moment to make it you.


Get Help, Learn more.

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Your portrait celebrates you.
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